Online Purchase Warranty

All products sold by TOTOTIRE are protected by standard manufacturer warranty. 

For Tires

All the tires purchased from our online or physical store are protected by the manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed warranty information, please refer to the manufactures' website. 

To start a warranty claim, please contact the local authorized dealer of the tire brand. Only authorized dealers have the ability to inspect and determine whether a tire is covered by warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer's website to find a local authorized dealer in your area. 

If there is no authorized dealer in your area, please contact us for further instruction on how to start a warranty claim. There might be fees such as shipping or labor charges associated. 

For Wheels

All wheels purchased from us are from our online or physical store and are protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Please refer to the manufactures' website for detailed warranty information.

To start a warranty claim for wheels purchased from us, please contact us with proof of purchase. Most of the wheels have structural warranties against defects such as cracks or leaks and finishing that are not caused by road hazards or improper use. To initiate a warranty claim, we will need to collect proof such as a photo of the defected wheels. If the wheel is covered by warranty, please send the wheel to the manufacturer or us for further inspection. Once the warranty claim is approved, a replacement will be shipped to the customer. Please note there might be fees such as shipping or labor charges associated.

For Tire & Wheel Packages

All tires and wheels purchased from us are protected by the manufacturer's warranty. At the same time, we are standing behind the services we provided. All the tires and wheels are mounted and Road Force balanced by us. 
For customers in the GTA area, if you experience any issues with the tire and wheel package you purchased from us within 30 days, please contact us directly to book an appointment for an inspection at our retail store. 

In some cases of warranty Claim process in which there is an exchange/swap of products taking place, the following two options are available:

  1. Quick Way: Customer can place a second order. We will charged in full and quickly shipped out. Simultaneously, a return for the Warranty product will be processed. A refund for the second order will be issued once the  warranty has been process by manufacturer.
  2. Standard way: If you do not wish to be charged for a second order, a return for your original order will be processed. Once it has been returned and inspected by us, a second order will be shipped out to you.